• Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Nova Southeastern University

  • Master of Science in Leadership

       - Nova Southeastern University

  • Certified Life Coach​​​​

       - Black Life Coach Connection Academy

  • Certified Transformation Coach​​

        - Black Life Coach Connection Academy

  • Leadership Coaching Certificate

       - American Association of Christian Counseling

Ms. Gina
YOUR Empowerment Strategist!


     Do you sometimes feel as though you're losing your focus in life? Do you feel like you need to PRESS the "reset button" Do you find yourself trying to maintain balance with your career, family and friends, and everything else in between but the main component that's missing is "synergy"?! If you've answered "YES" to at least one of these questions, please keep reading!


     "Ms. Gina", affectionately called, is THE Empowerment Strategist...her life's anthem is "With God all things ARE possible!" She is known for exercising the gift of encouragement to those who are challenged by the cycles of life. While understanding how disappointments can cause one to lose focus yet she has learned to be resilient through those times. Her delivery is energetic, sassy, translucent and practical. Ms. Gina is a Certified Leadership Coach, Transformational Life Speaker, Founder and Visionary of I~Motivate Solutions, LLC and the Mastermind Facilitator for The Black Women Handling Business Mastermind Team. Ms. Gina also launched in 2019, The BWHB Awards (Black Women Handling Business) that brought women together from all across the great state of Florida! She stands and believes the infallible Word of God to be her personal life manual. It is her past experiences that have been the catalyst for transformation to take place in her own life that compels her to keep striving. Ms. Gina's continuous passion and interest for learning to love herself from the inside out led her to coaching as naturally and confidently as breathing. Understanding that life is an uninterrupted cycle of seasons and being able to respond effectively and efficiently during the transitions is not something that comes willingly but usually with much resistance. After enduring different seasonality's of life, Ms. Gina has come full circle in her pursuit to not only serve but to help other women transition through life’s difficult pain points. She understands what it takes for women to shift in different places of life and how to reinforce authority, while exemplifying strength and truth in a way that is never arrogant or self-righteous.


     Ms. Gina's coaching experience will allow women from the boardroom to the classroom develop skills in setting comprehensible goals, develop realistic action plans, work through barriers and fears, and realize that you can make life work in your life’s work! As women, we all go through periods of reshuffling on the inside and wonder “What’s next?!” As an Empowerment Strategist and Life Coach, Ms. Gina is committed to helping you re-orient yourself in the midst of utter chaos by creating a platform that gives visibility to the issues that are important to women that includes:


  • Educating women on how to understand the current of the shift in their lives by acknowledging the view from the mirror.

  • Empowering women in leadership roles to work through the “Burn Outs” and “Cold Fronts” of Corporate America.

  • Bridging together balance and synergy and making it work in your favor.


     If that's not enough, Ms. Gina also hosted her own syndicated talk radio broadcast (hosted by Blog Talk Radio)One-on-One with Ms. Gina  on  "The NeXt Level Broadcast Media Group". Her platform hosted four shows a week circulating to over 56,000 listeners across the country! She has dedicated her life to service, integrity, and building interdependent relationships. Some of Ms. Gina's Life Work's services and affiliations include Keeping UP! (Alternative Program for Suspended Students), The Jobs Partnership of Florida, Inc., Toastmasters Inc., Women in Leadership (WIL), National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA), African American Employee Networking Group (AAENG) and the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA).